1st winner - poster presentation

Maastricht University, NED 
Six days of beetroot juice ingestion increases means power output in trained cyclists

Personal details: Born on 29th January 1982 in Hamilton, CAN.

Academic vita: PhD from McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, CAN (Dr. Martin Gibala). November, 2010. Thesis: The metabolic and structural response of human skeletal muscle to acute exercise and nutritional manipulation; MSc from Brock University, St. Catharines Ontario, CAN (Dr. Brian Boy). Oct 2006. Thesis: The influence of skeletal muscle cell volume on carbohydrate metabolism in contracting skeletal muscle; H BSc (Kinesiology) from McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, CAN. June 2004

Employment: Post-Doctotal fellow in the M3-Research group with Prof. Luc van Loon, Department of Human Movement Sciences, Maastrict University Medical Centre+, Maastricht, NED

Reseach interest: Sports Nutrition with Clinical Applications