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How to get access to the EJSS?

The European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) is the official journal of the ECSS. Full access including downloads is provided online from the ECSS account.

The European Journal of Sport Science has recently been listed by medline. Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) talks about the recent listing of the journal by medline and the influence this will have on the future development of the journal.

Interview with the Editor in Chief, Andy Jones

Questions by: Kate Nuttall, Managing Editor

Since 2001 the ECSS has launched the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) as its official peer-reviewed journal.  The EJSS consists of original research articles and intra- and interdisciplinary reviews of the sport science research from scientists worldwide. It is published bimonthly, six issues per year, both in print and as online editions. Registered with an impact factor the EJSS is accepted for Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports®. Over the last years the EJSS has steadily grown with the number of gradually increasing submissions each year. The succinct articles and multimedia illustrations of a multidisciplinary EJSS cover the natural, biological, medical, behavioural, and social science as they pertain to sport and exercise. Besides these state-of-the-art research articles the EJSS also contains the ECSS Position Statements, published regularly.


For preparing and submitting your manuscript to the EJSS, please find Instructions for authors here.

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