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Founding and Honorary Members

ECSS Founding Members are individuals who participated in the founding meeting of the ECSS in Nice, France on February 11th of 1995.

Founding Members are

  • Prof. Henrique Barreiros, POR
  • Prof. Jean Camy, FRA
  • Prof. Lars-Magnus Engström, SWE
  • Prof. Marcel Hebbelinck, BEL
  • Prof. Vassiis Klissouras, GRE
  • Prof. Paavo V. Komi, FIN
  • Prof. Jean Rene Lacour, FRA
  • Prof. Pierre Marconnet, FRA
  • Prof. Joachim Mester, GER
  • Prof. Bengt Saltin, DEN
  • Prof. Anthony Sargeant, GBR
  • Prof. Risto Telama, FIN


ECSS Honourary Members shall be appointed by the Executive Board on the basis of significant contributions to sport science and/or the work and objectives of the ECSS.

Honorary Members are

  • Mr. Spyros Pappas, BEL
  • Dr. Sylvie Chartron, FRA
  • Prof. Hugues Monod, FRA
  • Prof. Ommo Grupe, GER
  • Dr. Walfried König, GER
  • Prof. Matti J. Karvonen, ITA
  • Prof. Per-Olof Astrand, SWE
  • Prof. Erik Hohwy-Christensen, SWE
  • Dr. E. Maureen S. Edmondson, GBR
  • Prof. H.T.A. Whiting, GBR
  • Mr. William Fry, USA
  • Dr. Gerard King, GER