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Mission statement

The purpose of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is the promotion of Sport Science in an international, multi-cultural, multidisciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary context.
ECSS recognizes that scientific excellence in Sport Science is based on disciplinary competence embedded in the understanding that its essence lies in its multi- and interdisciplinary character.
ECSS regards Sport Science as the integrator of knowledge of human movement as seen by natural sciences, medicine, social sciences, and the humanities.
ECSS addresses the application of Sport Science knowledge to sports competition, performance, improving health, well-being, fitness, and social relationships.
ECSS represents and connects Sport Scientists in their research and supports dissemination of knowledge through the European Congress of Sport Science and the European Journal of Sport Science.
ECSS identifies and honours young scientists with outstanding achievements in any field of Sport Science. ECSS provides scientific advice to the public and to political and private institutions.
ECSS is associated with institutional partners, and commercial partners that value scientific evidence in the design and distribution of products supporting sport activities.