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How to register to the workshop?

The ECSS offers educational workshops to its members, the European Workshops of Sport Science (EWSS). Held within the framework of the annual ECSS Congress, the EWSS aims to improve skills in key competences of science. Registration to annual EWSS is possible through your ECSS account.


EWSS 2014 – 'Publishing in Scientific Journals - Getting that first paper published in a peer-reviewed journal' at ECSS Amsterdam 2014

Prior to ECSS Amsterdam 2014 on 2nd July 2014 the annual Workshop of the ECSS is scheduled. Between 9:00 h and 14:00 h CET Dr Xavier Sanchez, University of Groningen will share his experience and skills in publishing papers in scientific journals.
The workshop will provide delegates with an overview of the publication process for early–career researchers, and guidelines and tips on how to get (doctoral) research published. Read more ...
Please note, online registration will open on 15th December and is exclusively available to ECSS members. Please register through your ECSS Account. Seats will be reserved on a first come first served basis.


EWSS 2013 – 'Scientific Grants' at ECSS Barcelona 2013

At ECSS Barcelona 2013 the EWSS will be addressed to young researchers at the starting point of their career. The ECSS would like to help promote their scientific careers by introducing possibilities to fund scientific projects. Attendees will get an overview of the multitude of European scientific grants and how to apply for those. In addition a best practice example shall be introduced.
Please note, the EWSS will be offered to ECSS members exclusively. To become an ECSS member and benefiting from all ECSS membership services please sign up here.

Online registration opens for ECSS members on 15th December 2012 through the ECSS accounts. Due to limited capacity, seats are available first come, first serve.

Download of the EWSS 2013:


EWSS 2012 – 'Scientific presentation skills' at ECSS Bruges 2012

Taking place on 4th July 2012 between 9.00 h and 14.00 h in room BACH of the congress venue, the focus of the EWSS 2012 will be on the process of writing an abstract and present it either by oral or by poster presentation. A high quality science content is a “must”, but this should be accompanied by a presentation that enlightens the audience. The criteria for the evaluation of YIA abstracts and presentations will be presented and discussed. Also personal presentation skills, including tips, tricks and advices on how to present orally and how to construct a scientific poster will be topics of this workshop. The ECSS is pleased to take on Prof. Flemming Dela, University of Copenhagen, to run the EWSS 2012. Prof. Dela will be accompanied by Lars Mathiasen from høyer&mathiasen communications, a specialist in the field of scientific communication.

Online registration opens for ECSS members only 1st April 2012 from the ECSS accounts. Due to limited capacity, seats are available first come, first serve. Detailed information on the EWSS 2012 programme here.

Downloads of the EWSS 2012:


EWSS 2011 – 'Scientific Writing' at ECSS Liverpool 2011

The focus of the EWSS 2011 was on scientific writing in English with an emphasis for a successful abstract submission, primarily targeting non-native speakers. The ECSS was pleased to take on Dr. Hilary Glasman-Deal from the Imperial College in London, United Kingdom for this EWSS - Scientific Writing. Looking back on international experience in teaching courses in science research writing, Dr. Glasmann-Deal recently published 'Science research writing for non-native speakers of English'.

Downloads of the EWSS 2011: