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Exchanges & Affiliations

The ECSS enjoys strong and vital relationships with other sport scientific associations.


In the tradition of consecutive and fruitful exchanges with distinguished partners the ECSS fulfils its aim to promote a multi-national interdisciplinary sport science. Especially young up-coming scientists benefit from these scientific exchanges. In this the ECSS Young Investigators Award (YIA) plays a major role. Each year a selected group of YIA winners is sent out to present their awarded work at the ECSS exchange partner’s congresses.


With a number of affiliated associations and affiliated institutions the ECSS functions as the communication hub within the interdisciplinary field of sport science and its subdisciplines in particular. Not only does this crosslink increase mutual recognition, but supports the promotion of the societys' and istitutions activities in their individual and specific field of research.
In addition an affiliation with the ECSS comes with the following benefits: